Neoclassical economic models definitely fail!

There is definitely a correlation between financial markets and the real economy. There is no doubt about this in peoples mind. But this linkage is just in favor of one participant causing that the real economy is a puppet of the financial Ponzi scheme. They can create inflation in order to devalue real tangible products and steal real wealth from the citizens. Financial institutions are in charge of determining the direction and the mood of the economy as a whole. But more and more there is a minority who is rising against these kinds of big banks and hedge funds, additionally the whole financial fiat system.

The most surprisingly sign at this point is that the mainstream economists like Krugman etc are not capable to analyze our current financial problem efficiently. In my opinion they are loosing complete traction of the economy, how can you analyze economic society without questioning the financial system.

Everybody can identify the linkage between money systems and economy. There aren’t many companies, which are independent from any banks on this planet. How dare can you state as an economist like Krugman is, that economical models don’t necessarily consider debt.

Watch out the interview with Steve Keen on this issue.

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